About Company

The R. Russell Rhinehart Company (the R3 Co.) was incorporated in 1994 to provide technical and educational services.  Russ and Donna Rhinehart are company officers.  Donna’s portion of the company has evolved into real estate.  This site represents Russ’ activities of enabling engineering applications of modeling, optimization, and control.

About Russ

I worked in the process industry for 13 years prior to becoming a chemical engineering faculty member.  I was at Texas Tech University for 12 years, then at Oklahoma State University serving as School Head for 12 of the 19 years.  I am a fellow of the International Society of Automation http://www.isa.org and was President of the AmericRhinehart Photo 2014-06-06 closean Automatic Control Council http://www.a2c2.org.  I retired from OSU in July 2016 to devote full-time efforts to facilitate transfer of practicable techniques to engineers and scientists.  My 1968 ChE BS is from the University of Maryland, and 1985 ChE PhD from North Carolina State University.

My industrial experience revealed that engineering techniques need to be practicable – simple, efficient, credibly demonstrated, grounded in fundamentals, robust, user-friendly, computationally fast, etc.  And, my academic career has centered in investigating useful techniques for modeling, optimization, and control.  Hence the “enabling data analysis” by-line, “eda” acronym, and the domain name r3eda.

I entered industry after my MS degree, and quickly realized that I was under-prepared in the essentials of process control, optimization, statistics, and process and product modeling.  More so, I had little appreciation for the methodology that is practicable in a business-engineering environment.  These techniques and their application “way” captured interest and became the focus of my academic career.  My utility perspective has been developed through application investigations, and materials were developed through teaching to both on-campus and practicing engineers.

About Site

This web site was started in 2016, as I transitioned from a faculty position to a full-time service provider to enable engineers.  Site development support from visualq.com is greatly appreciated.

The site offers tutorials, white papers, instructional materials on techniques that I have discovered to be practicable.  My hope is that the materials stand alone as useful for others to acquire technique skill and insight.

The site also offers code for several of the techniques as demonstration programs.  I choose Visual Basic for Applications.  Why VBA?  Although it is not computationally fast, as an add-in to Microsoft Excel it is widely accessible to site visitors, easy to use, edit, and debug.  If desired, a user can easily translate the VBA code to any other programming language.   For those needing a basic VBA how-to, I provide a primer r3eda site VBA Primer 2016-06-21.

This web site provides free access to descriptions and code of techniques that I think are useful and innovative.   I am offering this site to encourage their utilization.  The visitor is welcome to download, use, and share the information and software under the MIT open access software license.  Please appropriately acknowledge this web site as the source.

I would be very pleased if you find these materials useful.  It would affirm my career-long striving to explore and disseminate engineering techniques that add value to human endeavors.

The materials on the site also preview how I might be able to help engineering efforts.  I am available to provide short courses for your employee development.

I would be very happy to receive your feedback on the materials.  Your application experience will help me improve them.  To contact me, use the Contact menu item from the R3Co home page.