I have written two books that contain my “What-I-wish-I-knew-when-starting-my-career” understanding.   The books are:

Applied Engineering Statistics, R. M. Bethea and R. R. Rhinehart, Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1991, ISBN 0-8247-8503-7, 400 pages.

Nonlinear Regression Modeling for Engineering Applications: Modeling, Model Validation, and Enabling Design of Experiments, R. R. Rhinehart, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2016, ISBN 9781118957965, 360 pages.

A third is in progress:

Engineering Optimization: Applications, Methods, & Analysis, R. R. Rhinehart, Contract with Wiley signed, anticipated release early 2018.

I have also published handbook/encyclopedia chapters related to process control, optimization, propagation of uncertainty, fuzzy-logic, and neural networks; and tutorials on statistical process control, model-based control, steady-state identification, statistically-based filters, and others.

Some of this material is available on this web site in tutorial versions.

My hope is that the publications are helpful to those who use the techniques in the practice of engineering.