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About Site – updated 2021-11-29

This web site was started in 2016, and is periodically updated, to provide techniques to enable those doing engineering analysis related to modeling, optimization, uncertainty, and control within an applications environment.  Also, to reveal “secrets” to professional development that are not included in academic preparation.  

The site offers tutorials, white papers, instructional materials on techniques that I have discovered to be practicable.  My hope is that the materials stand alone as useful for others to be able to acquire technique, skill, and insight. 

The site also offers code for several of the techniques as demonstration programs.  I choose Visual Basic for Applications.  Why VBA?  Although it is not computationally fast, as an add-in to Microsoft Excel it is widely accessible to site visitors, easy to use, edit, and debug.  If desired, a user can easily translate the VBA code to any other programming language.   For those needing a basic VBA how-to, I provide a primer r3eda site VBA Primer 2016-06-21.

This web site provides free access to descriptions and to the code of techniques that I think are useful and innovative.   I am offering this site to encourage their utilization.  The visitor is welcome to download, use, and share the information and software under the MIT open access software license.  Please appropriately acknowledge this web site as the source.

I would be very pleased if you find these materials useful.  It would affirm my career-long striving to explore and disseminate engineering techniques that add value to human endeavors.

The materials on the site also preview how I might be able to help engineering efforts.  I am available to provide short courses for your employee development.

I want to make this web site and its offerings helpful and easy to use.  If you run into difficulty, it could be because my instruction misled your interpretation.  Alternately, you may have found an error or omission.  In any case, I want to fix it.  Please send me a note about your experience so that I can continue to evolve the site and offerings.  Your application experience will help me improve them.  To contact me, use the Contact menu item from the R3Co home page or directly by emailing me at russ@r3eda.com.

Site development support from visualq.com is greatly appreciated.