Optimizers 1-D & 2-D Algorithms

Optimizers – 1-D & 2-D Algorithms – updated 2019-03-27

This links to r3eda 1-D Optimization Examples 2018-04-16 and r3eda 2-D Optimization Examples 2018-04-04.  Both are Excel VBA macros which have a variety of 1-D and 2-D optimizers, functions, and convergence criteria for your choice.  These are what I used in my courses, and are the companion software to my book Engineering Optimization (Wiley, 2018, ISBN-13:978-1118936337, ISBN-10:1118936337).  Use the links to open the files.  The code is open.  You are free to use them and can explore your own edits to the algorithms or functions.  The respective user guides are accessed with these links: r3eda site 1-D Examples User Guide 2018-04-05, and r3eda site 2-D Examples User Guide 2018-04-05.